Federal Programs

Title I Overview

Title I operates as a part of the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015. Among the features of ESSA are sanctions for schools that do not make adequate yearly progress for two consecutive years and rewards for schools that make adequate yearly progress for three consecutive years. The Federal Programs Office is responsible for providing the leadership and assistance to schools to ensure that the intent of the legislation is carried out.

In Russell County, the Title I program is funded to provide supplemental resources to help economically disadvantaged children meet the same high level of academic proficiency as is expected of all children. This grant provides funds for Schoolwide Programs (SWP). Services are also provided for institutions for neglected children, homeless children, and migrant children.


The major areas of focus for Title I programs are reading and mathematics. The major components of Title I Programs are comprehensive needs assessments, research-based strategies, data-driven decision making for improvement, professional learning, and parental involvement.


Title I provides support and resources to schools; encourages the use of continuous assessment and data-driven educational decision-making; and assists schools in creating the alignment of teacher training, scientifically based strategies, educational best practices, and instructional materials aligned with State curriculum standards.



Title I strives to ensure that all students in Title I schools are provided a significant opportunity to obtain high quality education that enables them to reach or exceed proficiency on challenging academic state assessments.



The Title I vision is academic excellence for all students.


  • Provide assistance to schools in analyzing test data and using data for instructional decision-making


  • Assist Title I schools in the development of Continuous Improvement Plans


  • Monitor the implementation of Continuous Improvement Plans to assure that expenditures are based on actions described in the plans


  • Assist Title I schools in selecting professional learning activities that target identified needs of all subgroups


  • Provide training and support for Title I schools


  • Provide training and support for parents designed to increase the quality of parent involvement


  • Provide training, resources, and support for the implementation of instructional programs and initiatives such as: Curriculum Mapping, Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, Star Reader, Star Math, Renaissance Learning and Voyager


  • Provide tutoring services and other resources for homeless children, neglected children, and migrant children


  • Facilitate, document, and monitor ESSA School Choice Transfers and Supplemental Educational Services